1 – Our project

2 – What we do


    Assess the experience and insight of active sports organisations on creating and implementing an educational methodology and an awareness campaign towards ocean and seas preservation.


    Develop educational and environmental awareness methodology at local level to foster ocean protection through sport.


    Measure the social and environmental impact of the program implemented to strengthen advocacy toward ocean protection.


The project started in January 2023, for three years. During this period, the project partners will be developing tools with the aim of educating young people about eco-responsible behaviour.

The OSES project will focus around four pilot interventions in four different countries – Portugal, France, Spain, Malta – to obtain concrete, measurable and identifiable results. Take a look at our schedule!





Kick-Off meeting – Brussels (Belgium)

Start of the project with the partners to explain the overall organisation, the management of the project, and discuss the realisation of deliverables.

Study on Sport and Ocean Literacy

Study on the impact of sport on the environment. Benchmark « state of art » to identify what is being done and what are the possibilities in the countries where the pilot interventions will take place.


Workshop on water sports and ocean literacy – Palma (Spain)

The goal of the workshop is to gather additional expertise and new, creative ideas and approaches in order to develop a methodology for teaching and raising awareness of ocean protection through sport.


Good practices handbook

The document includes a benchmark of educational tools and activities for environmental awareness and ocean protection. The document is available on our website.


Joint workshop – Barcelona (Spain)

  • April 8th: Academic workshop – How ocean literacy and environmental awareness can be promoted in youth through sport?
  • April 9th: Introduction of the pilot intervention.

Two-days workshops to test, discuss, and improve the indicators and the methodology, as adapted to the pilot interventions. This workshop gathers partners and relevant academic stakeholders.


Educational and practical methodology for the pilot interventions

Development of a methodology on training the youth and training the trainers, including contents, tools, methods, activities. The document will be available on our website. This methodology will use the different projects and initiatives already implemented by the partners to adapt it and to better integrate
the question of environmental education through and in sport.

Impact assessment

The impact assessment will feed the production of advocacy materials, policy briefing and position papers, on the potential impact of sport on ocean preservation, at local, national and European level. It will point out the pilot activities and the concrete impact of actions implemented by the different partners. The document will also present recommendations to increase the impact of sport and education on environmental awareness and ocean health .

Networking workshop for the sport and environmental movement

Invitation of interested actors to build activities and projects involving youth, sport, education, and environmental awareness, inside and outside the marine sector.


Demonstration activities and awareness workshops
France, Malta, Portugal, Spain

Four topics foreseen:
          – Coastal protection and management
          – The impact of climate change on ocean
          – Protection of biodiversity
          – Marine pollution

November – December

Final event – Brussels (Belgium)

The goal of the conference is to promote and disseminate the project results.

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